Monday, November 26, 2012

101 Online Things You Can Do!!!

101 Online Things You Can Do!!!

0 Want to try a new Hairstyle before you do the "actual haircut"?

1 Want to decorate your desktop with free, high-resolution wallpapers. Go to

2 Do you want to rearrange your living room in a better way? You can do this with this free

online drawing board

3 Watch the falling sand on your screen. You can control the colour, speed and variety of the flows

4 "Want to read someone's secrets? Headover to read Post Secrets"

5 Play with these letters and try to make some words out of them. Hey thats no easy job when others keep stealing

your letters!

6 No Photography Allowed. Perhaps, these people disobeyed that rule. See some exclusive


7 Free audio books. Yes, FREE!!

8 Wantzz to view some cute pics, my Preciouszzz??.

9 Want to speak a new langaue? Cant wait for a week or month to learn? You can instantly speak by listening

using Google Translate

10 Want to try another hair style using Virtual Hairstyler.

11 Want to cook something tonight? Try a recipe from this portal

12 Fail Blog lists the obvious mistakes found in real life situations - Pics and Videos

13 Amazing Jokes: One place to laugh at everything

14 Watch some webcams in Antartica to see what Penguins are doing right now

15 Captivating Oil Paintings by Angela Fraleigh

16 How about chatting with a random person

17 Watch a touching video story of Chiristian - the Lion: Video!

18 Incredible Hand Paintings by Guido Daniele

19 Incredible Body Art by Guido Daniele: NSFW

20 How To Draw Anatomic Face In 2.5 Minutes - Video

21 Watch a real dog skateboarding, no kidding: Video

22 Watch the Food timeline: In the beginning, there was Salt!

23 Biggest list of Urban Legends: And you thought they were true

24 Where can you get free Internet? Useful when traveling

25 Itching to send any Anonympus email or SMS? here you go

26 Get help from a Tech Support Free: Free and 24 by 7

27 Young Chinese girl scares everyone: Video

28 Awesome tall paintings: Video

29 Body Tips: If your throat tickles, scratch your ear and more useful

bizzarre, working tips

30 Things you never knew existed and other useful gadgets and stuff that you would love to have

31 Get enlightened by Top people of the world: Videos

32 Remember the milk: Organise your daily lives with a to-do-list

33 Want to sharpen your brain? Free games to increase your IQ

34 Joke a day into your Inbox (They are quite funny


35 Send messages in a bottle or Write on the sky at Letter James

36 Pet Penguin: Video

37 Wacky uses for familiar products!

38 Become an M&M and do stuff online!

39 Create books and sell them at

40 Brain teasers to laugh and make fun of your mates

41 Stories that do not make it to the "survival of the fittest"

42 May be you did want to scribble something

43 Want to play with someone? Get Prank Ideas here in plenty

44 Mature people truths

45 Share, Upload or just Explore presentations / slideshows

46 Get free books to read

47 Swap postcards and make friends

48 Draw ASCII pictures letters etc etc

49 What happens when you microwave something: Videos

50 Find if you can make it to the HOT list or NOT

51 Build your Business Network

52 Listen Music with

53 How many T-shirts you can wear one on another - How about 155: Guinness Video

54 Speak and write better English!

55 Baby doing a break dance: Video

56 Dancing little superstar: Video

57 Get some aerial wallpapers (high quality) for your desktop

58 Watch a webcam across the globe (if shared)

59 Create a colourful ASCII image!

60 Find websites that match your 'taste'

61 Send files or folders

62 What if you can play Ping Pong in a Matrix world: Video

63 Incredible Statistics Art: Awesome (Pictures)

64 Want to flyover Paris Eiffel tower and see the city in Pano (3D photo)

65 Draw someone with these tools

66 Origami by folding fabric

67 How to fold a shirt

68 How to buy ethically

69 Create Maps

70 Make Anagrams with your own names

71 Just few thousands of animated Images

72 Advice for Parenting

73 Why not send some flowers by email?

74 Play with words!

75 50 Lists to Write to Lift Your Spirits: Inspiration

76 Strange USA: What is Haunted? What is so special and mystical about places of USA?

77 Thousands of How-to-do video tutorials

78 Spotback News

79 Dress up your laptop in funky suits

80 Want to punch someone? Better imitate this lady: Video

81 Explore the Universe in 3D glory

82 Read the complete works of Shakespeare here

83 Cute and cuddly baby animal pictures (Photos)

84 Get Help to win in Online Poker games!

85 The OFFICIAL Watching Paint Dry Webcam!

86 Discretely amusing Peeling Paint WebCam

87 Chubby guy dancing for a famous song: Youtube Video

88 Flypower: How can you fly an airplane with no fuel? Use these flies

89 A guy takes photos for 6 years on every single day: Time lapse video

90 Glad Y2K is over? Wait for Y5B. Welcome to the place in time when sun dont shine

91 Upload your photo. Let others guess your age

92 Crazy images; Funny photos to amuse you!

93 Dude Perfect: Amazing Basketball Shots

94 A Japanese restaurant hires 2 monkeys as waiters: Video

95 7 year old kid drives Granny's car: Video

96 Ode to the Nice Guys: Funny Rant

97 Fold US dollar bills to form interesting things

98 Food fight with someone: Throw a pie or perhaps an icecream

99 Aren't these normal? Awkward Family Photos

100 Chat with God

101 ARE YOU STILL BORED? Go to Bored.Com to watch videos and play free games

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