Monday, November 26, 2012

50 hustles

1. Sell stuff on Ebay
2. Have a food cart
3. Sell crafts at fairs or farmer's markets
4. Rent out rooms in your home to tenants
5. Baby sit
6. Pet sit
7. House sit
8. Clean people's houses
9. Use a metal detector to find jewelry, coins, and other treasures to sell
10. Find or buy scrap metal, and sell for a profit
11. Sell stuff at flea markets
12. Tutor kids or college students
13. Teach a class on a skill you're good at, like karate or scrapbooking
14. Sell your art at a gallery for commission
15. Sell affiliate products online
16. Write a blog
17. Write a book
18. Write articles or short stories for magazines
19. Grow vegetables, and sell at a roadside stand
20. Sell your own organic seeds online
21. Create jewelry and sell
22. Make costumes and sell on Ebay
23. Sew period clothing and sell at renaissance fairs or festivals
24. Scour thrift stores for expensive books, and sell on Abe books or Ebay
25. Write eBooks
26. Be a personal trainer
27. Be a personal shopper
28. Write textbooks
29. Write a newsletter and find subscribers
30. Sell your photos to stock picture sites online
31. Photograph weddings
32. Sell photos to magazines
33. Illustrate children's books
34. Have a yard sale
35. Donate blood
36. Donate sperm
37. Donate plasma
38. Start a hauling service
39. Repair computers
40. Repair TV's
41. Repair bikes
42. Mow lawns
43. Do landscaping
44. Start a website and sell your artwork
45. Sell seashells to crafters
46. Do clothing alterations
47. Make polymer clay beads and sell to bead shops
48. Rent out your lawnmower, chainsaw or other equipment
49. Cut wood and sell it
50. Write articles for Associated Content

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